NTO er “Official Partner and Distributor” af Mecademic minirobotter

Nedenfor beskrives produkterne og firmaet bag.

Kontakt Afdelingsleder Jan Pullich, 2424 6638, jpu@nto.dk, for at høre om de mange muligheder og få hjælp til dit næste robotprojekt.

Mecademic offers the world’s smallest, most compact, and most precise industrial robot arms. The Canada Montreal-based firm was founded by robotics engineer Jonathan Colombe and robotics Pr. Ilian Bonev. Their goal was to facilitate the use and accessibility of industrial robotic automation in a wide range of industries. Mecademic robots are unique in that they are plug & work automation components with a tiny footprint, low overall cost, and easy integration.

Product Overview
The Meca500 is the smallest and most precise 6-axis robot arm on the market used as a plug-and-work automation component:

  • Extra-small: 4,5kg and 330mm reach
  • Ultra-compact: The controller is embedded in the base
  • Precise: 0.005mm repeatability
  • Easy to integrate: Simple communication protocols
  • Energy efficient: 24V and 30W

Product description
Mecademic’s Meca500 industrial robot arm is an unbelievably compact plug & work automation component offering a tiny footprint and built-in controller. Unlike other industrial robots, the Meca500 is a slave component rather than a complex stand-alone system making it very easy to integrate in any automation application. The robot arm also automatically compensates for gravity without software adjustments, making it easy to mount in any orientation for additional flexibility. A repeatability of 5μm makes the Meca500 the world’s most precise industrial robot, ideal for small-part precision manipulation. Users benefit from simplicity and lower costs, as the Meca500 doesn’t require any training courses, software installations, or additional option purchases. Assembly, pick-and-place, machine tending, inspection, and testing are just a few common applications.

The robot is integratable via any computer or PLC using an Ethernet cable and any programming language of the user’s choice. Users may communicate with the robot via EtherCAT, or by sending commands via TCP/IP. Mecademic robots come with an intuitive web interface accessible with any web browser.