Projects are Partnerships

Anyone who has worked with us will recognise our three values CuriosityReliabilityCare.

We approach every project with a curiosity that ensures that we really understand the task. The only way we can ensure a smooth and satisfying process for you and for us, is by understanding the task comprehensively.

Our goal is reliability, so you feel secure knowing that together we can create a solution that provides exactly what you want – no more, no less.

You will experience the care we take in our project solutions and in our collaboration with you. Within the limits of possibility, we aim for the very best, and with us you will find that a deal is a deal – every time.

Our projects

There are many projects that we are proud of. Some are big and some are small.

We have turned some of them into case stories, but we are more than happy to tell you about many others. So, if you offer a cup of coffee, we would love to drop by.


We are often surprised by just where our help is appreciated. We have a wide range of experience from waste management, large industries and the running of buildings.

The most important thing for us is to keep to what we are good at – automation and everything that goes with it.

That has seen us complete projects within production, waste management, transport and logistics to mention just a few. 

Some of our projects:

NTO er forhandler af Meca500 – verdens mindste og mest præcise seks-aksede industrielle robotarm

NTO controls in line at Nomni4S in Holstebro

Controls are created at NTO’s internal workshops in Ikast and Randers

NTO crane controls for Knudmose Affalds-forbrænding in Herning

NTO robot sorts plastic waste at Nomi4S in Holstebro

NTO robot packs attic stairs at Dolle A/S in Frøstrup

NTO robot packs attic stairs at Dolle A/S in Frøstrup

Specialists in Development

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