Here is a small selection of projects we have worked on with our customers.

We rarely make the same thing twice, and therefore we do not really have any ‘off the peg’ solutions. What we do have is a lot of different modules, so we never start completely from scratch.

We have completed many exciting projects that we love to talk about – here is just a handful.

We are only a phone call away if you have a project or a challenge you want us to have a look at.

Billund Airport

The implementation of new options for passengers in Billund Airport is mainly based on NTO’s analysis of the existing baggage handling system, and it is now possible to print boarding cards and baggage labels from home.
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NTO’s capabilities within construction automation

Intelligent control of buildings is an important part of NTO’s expertise. Within building automation (BMS) we work on intelligent control of heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, sun screening, access, cleanrooms, air quality and energy optimisation. It is, for instance, possible to create controlled surroundings in production facilities, or establish an indoor environment in which employees thrive. A structured control of the environment also positively affects the energy consumption and therefore your budget.
If you want to know more about building automation, call NTO at +45 9715 3344 and ask for Jan.

NTO is an official ICONICS partner

NTO has worked on the ICONICS SCADA platform for a number of years and became an official ICONICS partner and system integrator in 2019. This means that, apart from creating new installations, NTO can also handle everything from licencing, support contracts, maintenance, upgrades and consultation. We have a close working relationship with ICONICS’ Danish representative Heptagon, which ensures that we are up to date on the latest developments and get the required training. Read more on ICONICS website:

NTO delivers robot and automation solutions for the ‘green switch’

NTO contributes to the ‘green switch’ by a close collaboration with NewRetex and Ferrum Robotics to automate the sorting of textiles, taking aim at a circular use of our discarded clothes. The processing plant is a prototype, and NTO has the overall responsibility for the PLC and robot programming as well as the advanced robot solutions and sensor technologies that are crucial to the success of the project – and an important contribution to the ‘green switch’.
If you want to know more about automation integrated with advanced sensor technology, contact NTO at +45 9715 3344 and ask for Peter.

NTO delivers complete machine controls

Since 2003, NTO has delivered complete machine controls for industrial special machines. Among others, we have helped Pressalit A/S with the controls to more than 40 presses. In this case the task was to standardise the controls, so they were as homogenous as possible. That was achieved through three basic controls with code-bases in the software. The controls are connected in a network, so production orders are fed from overall IT systems, and completion is reported via quality data back to the IT systems. Pressalit has also got an Engineering server with their own access, and ownership of the newest software.
If you want to know more about the production of new, or upgrade of out-dated controls for special machines and control software upgrades, contact NTO at +45 9715 3344 and ask for Henrik, Peter or Torben.

NTO Service & Aftersales

NTO has its own Service & Aftersales department, where we handle support in connection with breakdowns, as well as minor adaptation and expansion of functionalities or updates of older controls to an up-to-date level. The department has among others helped Danfloor update a control with a new PLC and operation panel. In this case 52 buttons and 2 displays were replaced by 1 panel – that even offered the option of online support – and the operation readiness on the existing production line was improved.
If you want to know more about changing existing control software or better readiness on production support, contact NTO at +45 9715 3344 and ask for Stefan.

Complex infrared solution with NTO Vision

NTO has many years of experience with optical vision control systems aimed at foundries. One of the major challenges has been to work out a solution for when items, lying in a sand-cast on the transport line, have to be grabbed by a robot claw. The environment is extremely dusty and hot, and the items themselves can vary in temperature. That meant an additional challenge to find the correct temperature coefficients. The solution was an IR-camera with software robust enough to deliver reliable results.
If you want to know more about infrared sensor technology or other optical vision control systems, contact NTO at +45 9715 3344 and ask for Kurt or Peter.

Servo systems from NTO

Servo systems provide precise, quick, and controllable positioning, speed or momentum. That is why NTO collaborates with the leading producers of equipment for servo systems to deliver solutions for industrial special machines. We offer assistance for new machines as well as retrofit of older servo controls. We have done this since 2003 because you typically achieve energy savings with new drives via effect electronics, coupling of drives and energy regeneration. Likewise, a retrofit can result in space reduction of motors and servo drives.
If you want to know more about servo systems with or without control software, contact NTO at +45 9715 3344 and ask for Peter or Torben.

NTO and data management

Data management is the control of information that needs to flow from the ERP to the production floor and back again. NTO’s systems for data management handle logging of batches, master data, process data, recipes, numbers, energy consumption and quality data, while being able to show data in real time. Relevant data can be stored in a database and retrieved via a website for tracking and data export. It is also possible to trace historical data and thereby identify bottlenecks and uncover reasons for mistakes in a production.
If you want to know more about data management and NTO’s expertise in the field, contact NTO at +45 9715 3344 and ask for Peter or Kurt.
NTO har programmeret det nye returpantanlæg hos Dansk Retursystem i Høje Taastrup

NTO develops logistics systems

NTO has for many years worked on the development of logistics and storage automation for a number of areas. A great example of an effective and innovative solution is Dansk Retursystem’s plant in Høje Taastrup. Here NTO has had the responsibility for all elements of the electric control of the deposit-return handling system. Likewise, NTO has executed a number of tasks ranging from electric construction and panels, PLC controls, scanner systems, SCADA and HMI for separating networks in administrative networks (IT) and production networks (OT), as well as data integration in WMS and interface for ERP for a number of customers.
If you want to know more about logistics and storage automation, contact NTO at +45 9715 3344 and ask for Kurt.


NOTlink is a Cloud based solution for logging production and incident data. It collects data from controls or equipment that are spread geographically, or in moving units like trucks and containers. All NTOlink installations have access to the Internet, and users as well as administrators can see relevant incidents like start time, speed, operation hours, product consumption, concentrations and status. It is possible to send alarms, which means that a service technician could get information before a unit runs dry. All data is transmitted on a secure line, and the system is prepared for payment solutions with credit cards or ID.
If you want to know more about NTOlink, contact NTO at +45 9715 3344 and ask for Kurt.

NTO are experts on IT security in production networks

NTO has through the years delivered many complex internal transport and production solutions. In line with the increased IT threat level, NTO has become experts in Cyber security for the IT systems that control these solutions. Among other things it is important to separate administrative networks (IT) and production networks (OT) with a hierarchy of firewalls, DMZ-zones and jump stations, so the production level and the administration do not compromise each other, and data still flows freely. These solutions are developed following the international IEC standard.
If you want to know more about IT security in production networks, contact NTO at +45 9715 3344 and ask for Kurt.

Dolle A/S Frøstrup

Automation at the Dolle A/S production – one of the world’s biggest producers of stairs and European marked leader – has increased production by 50% – notably without increasing the number of employees.
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Nomi4s in Holstebro

NTO has programmed a new and unique waste management plant at the inter-municipal waste sorting company Nomi4S in Holstebro.
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