Billund Airport world first with in-house printed baggage tags

Billund Airport

NTO has in the past two years worked closely with Billund Airport’s in-house technicians, and the obsolete French software has now been replaced by a new, open and transparent solution that, contrary to the previous system, documents every single detail.

– Our worst nightmare was that the system would shut down completely. In that case we simply wouldn’t have had the necessary documentation to build it up again. At the same time, we experienced that it got increasingly difficult to get the right components when we needed to replace or adjust, recounts Aviation Technician Henrik K. Jensen, who is responsible for the daily running of the system, and therefore a central figure in the project.

¬– That is why we looked for a consultancy company to propose an overall solution to the problem. Through a hardware supplier we got in touch with NTO, and we instantly felt they were on the same page as us, Head of Billund Airport IT, Henning Larsen adds. – We realised that the task was too big and complicated to deal with internally, and at the same time that a completely new system would be both expensive and challenging as it would mean a shut-down of the airport’s baggage handling for a couple of days. Billund Airport is Denmark’s second largest, and last year about 2.7 million passengers filtered through the airport.

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