NTO and responsibility

At NTO we do not talk so much about responsibility, it is just something we do. It is a natural part of our daily life, and it has always been like that – long before it became trendy.

To us it simply makes sense to take good care of each other, to care for our customers, nature and the society we are a part of.

That is why it is natural for us to act when it feels right. It is an integrated part of how we work, and you will never catch us do something that doesn’t feel right with who we are.

Switching to Green

We care about nature in our own environment, and even more in that of our customers. Internally, we focus on minimising our energy consumption, and to eliminate processes that put a strain on the environment.

But we make an even bigger impact with our customers. In recent years we have been part of projects that have made a huge difference to the climate and the environment.

We have contributed with finance for projects partnering the likes of MUDP, EUPD and the Innovation Fund.

These projects have resulted in:

Green Hydrogen Systems, where we collaborated with three other companies to develop electrolysis systems. Today the company is quoted on the stock exchange and employs more than 200 people.

Nomi4s, where alongside MUPD, we have developed a robotic waste management facility that can separate up to 12 different types of plastic at a time.

Sewing robot in collaboration with Sylab and Lifestyle & Design Cluster, where we are developing an automated sewing process that can contribute to moving production back to Denmark and minimise waste.

Textile sorting in collaboration with NewRetex and MUDP, where we are looking to sort discarded textiles for better reusability.

SMV Manifest

Because social responsibility, sustainability, health and wellbeing are already a part of our DNA, it was natural for us to back and sign the SMV Manifest.

That commits us to act in a value based and socially responsible way that respects life and nature, as well as adding value to both the economy and culture locally, nationally and globally.

We commit to being valuable and sustainable for the society and the future, as well as being socially responsible and lead the way as a sustainable company.

Specialists in Development

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