Working at NTO

It is never boring here

NTO is a company for people that like to be busy, learn and explore new solutions.

We are a team with different expert skillsets like electricians, technicians, engineers, programmers and overall, just a bunch of happy nerds.

We love to come up with unique solutions. The best solutions are created in collaboration, where each party can add their particular input.

We are not afraid to engage, all while providing opportunity to delve deep into a problem and focus.

Always with the client’s solution in mind.

About working at NTO


28, software engineer at NTO

During my civil engineer studies in 2020, I did an internship at NTO, and afterwards they offered me a job. I gladly accepted because of the very exciting challenges NTO takes on, and the fact that you are included in all aspects of a project from planning to implementation.

Due to my background, I’m involved in a wide range of tasks at NTO. The main focus is on programming robots, machine controls and vision systems.

When you’ve played a role in both software and hardware, it‘s fantastic to program the controls, assist on the mechanics and get to implement the machine. That process gives me a better understanding of the machine’s function and enables me to create better programs that fulfil the customer’s demands and expectations.

Working with special machines of all sorts, gives me a challenging and exciting workday, and in a company of NTO’s size, you get to work more independently, have greater freedom coupled with responsibility, and influence the decisions made – the secret ingredient however is the everyday professional feedback from my colleagues.


36, Electrical Engineer at NTO

I’ve worked at NTO since 2012. The working day here has always been exciting and varied, but after the merger in 2019, I got to work with even more great and skilful colleagues on even more challenging tasks.

What motivates me the most is that we’re often part of all the processes of a project. I really love that we have development, construction, in-house board production and assembly tasks in most of our projects. I’m involved from start to finish, and it’s exciting to follow the process from idea, through to construction and implementation.

It’s also great to know that, wherever you are in the country, there’s a colleague ready to lend a hand in case a customer needs assistance because of a breakdown.

You feel secure at NTO because there’s always a colleague with the same level of expertise and experience as you, who you can talk to when you want to make sure a project is tackled the right way.

The social interaction between our three departments is really great, and there’s a good team spirit when we work on big projects.


21, Apprentice at NTO

When I was seeking an apprenticeship in connection with my studies to become an electrician, I knew that I wanted to deal with a higher level of automation than a standard installation company could offer. When someone in my family told me about NTO, I applied there, and I was happy to be accepted.

I think NTO is an exciting place to work because there is a great future in automation, and here I get the opportunity to develop my skills and be part of that future. I’m given the opportunity to be a part of their challenging and complex projects, and that really motivates me.

Even as an apprentice, you are included and listened to, and it is great to be brought along to installations and to have your own responsibilities within the team.

What makes it all the better is my lovely colleagues, the positive atmosphere and not least working on very exciting projects at the highest professional level.

Specialists in Development

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