Automation increases Dolle’s production capacity by 50%

Dolle A/S in Frøstrup

Dolle A/S is one of the world’s leading staircase producers and is the European market leader. The primary product is attic ladders that are produced at the Frøstrup factory in the northwest of Jutland.

In close collaboration with management and employees, NTO has developed and implemented control systems for the new production structure. The old production line has been replaced by assembly stations, where the employees put the attic ladders together one at a time. The production process has been optimised by an advanced and future-proof automation, based on barcode information and RFID chips on each of the different components. That is vital in order to differentiate between the more than 350 variants of the world renowned Dolle Attic Stairs.

The new system has increased both capacity and efficiency, just like management asked for, and has also meant greater flexibility and fewer mistakes. All of which are defining factors in the survival and success in a global marketplace, where Danish production is still doing well thanks to the sweeping optimisation of the manufacturing process.

– At Dolle we’re very good at everything to do with stairs, but we know full well that we need help from the outside when it comes to logistics. That’s why we contacted the logistic advisors at Langebæk Logistik, who recommended NTO as a competent partner for development and implementation of production control and software, COO Lars Torrild informs.

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